Fast and Accurate

    High-Speed and High-Resolution

Best service

    No yearly hardware contract obligation Service & Support by Trained-Thai Engineer

ApiScan Scanner

    The best laser scanner ever 

Improvement of probe connection

    Improved repeatability accuracy

    Hot-swap with ApiScan

Electromagnetic break

    Freezing arm in any position

Lighter than before

    re-Design to reduce weight

Intrigrated Controller

    Only 2 cable needed
    Hot-swap function 


    Customised to meet user enquiry
    Various parts evolved (Balance Bar, Clamp, Probe etc.) 


Technical Data

Specification :

Arm measurement area Operation area 3,500 mm (Arm length 1,750mm)
Weight 11 kg
Contact measurement accuracy 2σ 0.04mm
Non-Contact measure accuracy (ApiScan) ±0.06mm
Usage environment 10°C ~ 40°C 

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